Another island ticked off the list, as Insight Trans Logistics heads over to Malta

Insight Trans Logistics Ltd were tasked with supporting a longstanding customer, that supplies premium quality marine products to vessels and docks around the world. Due to the demand for their businesses equipment,
Insight Trans Logistics Ltd are required to transport time critical shipments a regular basis.

Our client had an urgent load that needed to be taken to Malta which, under standard circumstances, they would be shipped as cargo. However, on this occasion this wouldn’t get the marine equipment on site in time for operations to be completed.

As a result, our customer required a rapid land transportation solution. Despite being a first for Insight Trans Logistics Ltd, the customer knew they could rely on a reliable and cost-effective service due to the well-established relationship we had built with the them. Covering a total of 1542 miles, and following all Covid-19 safety precautions, Insight Trans Logistics Ltd also handled all of the customs documentation with there in house experienced team.