The History of Insight Trans Logistics

The History of Insight Trans Logistics

- First trip to Gibraltar

2003 - First flatbed and low loader trailer

2003 - First Renault magnum was purchased which had such an impact on Insight trans Logistics that it was a core truck in the fleet until it was discontinued. We still have one which has retired now but has completed 1.5 million km's

2004 - Insight trans Logistics Ltd was established, which is the company that we know today

2004 - Insight Trans Logistics Ltd moved there Trent jet engine which marked the first international abnormal load/ specialist transport carried from Derby To Madrid 2004

2006 - Insight Trans Logistics Ltd relocated from Bidford upon Avon to its current site Worcestershire

2011 - Insight Trans Logistics Ltd purchased its first ramped semi low loader

- Insight Trans Logistics Ltd Purchased its first power steered low loader, a 3 axle Nooteboom

2015 - Insight Trans Logistics Ltd Purchased there first Euro 5 Volvo FH  XL Cab a truck that has left a big impact which had the same drive train as the Renault magnums. These have also had a big impact and we have stuck with Volvo FH500 for our Euro 6 trucks

- Insight Trans Logistics Ltd purchased its first 12.6 ton Forklift truck due to increased demand for external storage and material handling

2016 - First Doll wafer deck to enable us to bulk move 1000's of air handing units from Belgium to Ireland and Belgium and Denmark. Which have quickly become a important piece of equipment for many of our movements and projects in the data centre and modular construction industry.



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