Modular Construction

Modular Construction

Modular construction is revolutionizing the construction industry through the offerings of cost efficient, rapid construction and flexibility. At Insight Trans Logistics we enable our clients to benefit from the full potential of any project.

Whether it’s the short time scales required to put a school building in place over a half term, a hospital ward in place within the constrained environments of congested sites and urban areas or a cost-efficient housing estate, modular construction is able to offer turnkey solutions to any building requirements.

Modular Advantages

A modular construction approach solves many of the problems that conventional construction methods have and contributes to further efficiencies. 

  • Time is a critical factor for any organisation and modular construction allows for the build time to be reduced considerably, construction of the components can be carried out in a controlled environment, which enhances safety and removes weather conditions from being a limiting factor. The project schedule can be significantly reduced through modern modular construction techniques. A further benefit is disruptions are reduced due to the offsite building, with only minimal disruption during the seamless installation process which can be completed
  • The vast number of components required for modular construction can be built in parallel, in a factory environment
  • All resulting in modular construction being a cost-effective solution to building, due to the nature of the building being built in a factory environment there is close to no waste as it’s easier to recycle and no down time due to weather conditions
  • Modular construction offers bespoke design, which means that each building is tailored to your needs. Modular buildings can be custom-made to fit with your exact space and budget requirements. Thanks to the bespoke design offered by modular construction 

Optimised Logistics 

By nature of modular construction there are multiple modular sections that require to be transported over a short time frame to achieve the full advantages offered by modular construction.  

The ITL projects division has set out their stool so that with the combination of expertise, creative logistics and specialist equipment Insight Trans Logistics can achieve any modular construction schedule and deliver modules safely whilst cost-effectively bringing forward the completion of any project.

  • By working with modular transport specialist from the earliest stages of the project clients can make the most of the advantages of modular construction. Realizing lower costs and shorter schedules, while managing the logistical risks.
  • Insight Trans Logistics will survey all the logistical options, considering the routes that might be taken, infrastructural limitations, load restrictions and permits, gradients, weather conditions and modes of transport required. 
  • Structures, and the components used in the construction of new facilities, are continually increasing in size. Making it fundamental for use a logistics expert that continues investing in new equipment to fulfil our clients demands
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