Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Wafer Deck and Low Loaders
Ideal Uses - Modular Construction, Air Handling unit, Plant and Machinery Pressure Vessels, Silo’s, Large Coils

2-3 axles
0.3m deck heights
1 – 42,000kgs Payload
6.50m – 15m Deck Lengths
Hydraulic Suspension
Power Steered - Ideal for navigating in constrained sites and inner cities

Semi Low Loaders
Ideal use: Modular Construction, Air Handling units, Agricultural Equipment, Plant and Machinery

3 - 4 Axles
0.90m deck heights
1 – 40,000kgs Payload
9m - 15m Deck Lengths
Ramped and non ramped trailers available
Flat Bed PSK Trailers
Ideal use - Civil Construction, Metal and Steel Products, Stone Products, Tiles, Civil Construction.

3 Axles
1.5m deck heights
1 – 28,000kgs Payload
13.6m – 15m Deck Lengths
Twists locks for container haulage
Side posts – Ideal for steel products, they prevent load from shift sideways
1.5m head boards
Ideal use - Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Stone Products, Metal Products

3 Axles
1.5m deck heights
2.5M Internal height
13.6 Deck Length
1 – 25,000kgs Payload
Opening Roof – for crane and overhead loading
Escort vehicle

Fitted to the Highways England Code of Practice
Equipped with first aid boxes
Traffic cones
6 x 2 Articulated Tractor

Prepared for STGO CAT 1 & 2
Fitted with Convoi Exceptionnel board
Light beacon
65,000kg Gross Train Weight
Counterbalance Forklifts

From 2,500kg to 12,600kg lifting capacity
Sides shifts to allow for accurate and precise handling of cargo

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