Specialist Transport

Specialist Transport

With a large fleet of equipment, Insight Trans Logistics ltd provides safe and cost-effective ways of transporting large objects.

From modular construction to HVAC technologies, our clients aim to benefit from economies of scale. Structures, and the components used in the construction of new facilities, are continually increasing in size. Larger cargo such as refrigerators for super markets to prefabricated modules. Which we Often Move to remote locations lacking infrastructure, or within the constrained environments of congested sites and urban areas.

This approach also presents significant logistical challenges. Once prefabricated components are ready, they must be lifted, transported and installed in the correct sequence. This requires a partner with the combination of heavy transport equipment and expertise to overcome logistical obstacles

We have handled thousands of difficult and abnormal loads throughout the UK and Europe. With a versatile range of equipment including low loaders and extending trailers, we have the capability to move oversize and overweight consignments across Europe. Most of our fleet is permitted to Category 1 and 2 in France and Spain, operating up to 65 tonnes. Statutory permits also exist for most Western European countries. For larger consignments we can arrange specific to route permits and pilot vehicles when necessary.

Trans Continental transport - Reliability and safety

To ensure the same standards of quality, safety and reliability are met on every job, Insight Trans Logistics operates a specialist fleet of equipment. Each piece of equipment is maintained to the highest possible standard, ensuring we optimise our uptime of our own fleet. Insight Trans Logistics specialist equipment is coupled with our European logistical experience. Our operators carry out extensive route planning, identifying contingencies, manage handling between modes of transport, and handle local transport permits as well as border crossings as part of our transport logistical services. Where narrow or steep roads pose a problem, Insight Trans Logistics ltd can identify solutions either through adapting our use of specialist transport equipment, designing interventions that make local infrastructure viable for the move or by identifying an alternative, more efficient route. By shortening the timeline of transport operations, and executing the logistics safely and on schedule, our client’s vital components reach their destination on time - achieving maximum uptime.

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