Steel Products

Steel Products

Steel has proven to be an integral part to a vast variety of industries, from the support to modular construction frames through to wire rod used in automotive springs.

This vast versatility of steel Is causing for a rapid growth in demand for it to be far and wide, with UK providing some of the highest quality steels in the world.  

When transporting metals, it is fundamental to have a flexible system with a capacity to handle extreme weights and difficult to handle sizes, for example Steel Coils. The awkwardness of metal products requires the use of a transport operator that understands the health and safety and sticks to load safe standards. Ensuring Insight Trans Logistics transport metal and steel loads correctly all trailers are equipped with straps and ratchets and Chains and bottle tensioners. With the required dunnage to stack and avoid the movement of metal products.  

Insight Trans Logistics Ltd also has the capabilities for warehousing and storage of metal products. Using the required equipment, we are able to handle the steel products in the appropriate manner, for unloading, loading, bulk storage.

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